Common Vehicle Repairs

Do cars and its mechanics interest you? Are you interested in the different parts, the engine and the overall inner structure of a car? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider becoming a mechanic. These days, being a mechanic or even owning your own auto repair shop is quite a lucrative business since more and more people are buying cars. And although more people are becoming car owners, not all of them know how to fix their cars by themselves and this is where a mechanic comes in. If ever you are seriously considering this line of work, here are some of the most common vehicle repairs that you might encounter. These repairs are generally not covered by the manufacturer warranty. There are many options out there for great, affordable vehicle service agreements though.


Most Common Vehicle Repairs

Here is a list of the most common vehicle repairs that you might have to do should you really pursue a job as a mechanic. Also, the cost for each repair is listed so make sure that you take note of them.

  1. A mass air flow sensor that is malfunctioning. Basically, this sensor is the one that measures the air amount that is delivered to the engine. When this sensor is malfunctioning, it can cause a car to lose its power. Also, a malfunctioning sensor can cause surges when one is accelerating and it can even cause a decrease in the levels of fuel. Normally, you can charge around $370 to repair a malfunctioning mass airflow sensor.
  2. A gas cap that is missing or loose. A missing or loose gas cap can also cause problems in a car. It can cause the gas to evaporate making the gas mileage decrease too. As a mechanic, if you find out that the only problem is a loose gas cap, just do it for free. After all, it will only take a couple of solid turns and some tightening. In fact, most mechanics and technicians do offer this service for free. However, if the gas cap is really missing, you can replace it and charge around $10-$20 for the new gas cap. After all, you would have to find a gas cap compatible with the car of your customer.
  3. An oxygen sensor that is faulty. Basically, this sensor is the one that measures the amount of oxygen that is unburned in the exhaust of the car. It also tells the system of the car how much fuel is left in the gas tank. If a faulty oxygen sensor is not repaired or replaced, the gas mileage of the car can suffer and drop. Also, the gas indicator would no longer be reliable since the sensor would send incorrect information about how much gas is left. Typically, you can charge less than $200 to repair an oxygen sensor that is faulty.

These are just some of the common vehicle repairs and their corresponding costs. These are the ones that you might have to face if you want to become a mechanic. Remember, if you are really sincere in wanting to become a mechanic, make sure to do your best work, and do not overcharge your customers. Keep them happy and keep your business afloat!


Take Care of the Engine

People rely a lot on their vehicles. Also, they expect their cars will take them where they want to go and also bring them back safe with no missing a lick. They rely on their car to go when conditions are good and when conditions are bad. The thing is that people expect them to do be more reliable than a lot of people ever are. But, people should only put this much trust in their vehicles if they are doing their role as well.engine

Tune-ups and proper maintenance are essential for any car that is going to be used a lot. Keep in mind that things can go wrong at the worst possible time if a car is not maintained properly. And when that happens you will have nobody to blame apart from for yourself.

Proper and good maintenance should be exercised on any type of engine. That can be your motorcycle, car, truck, airplane or boat. The bottom line is – if you do not take care of it, it will not take care of you. So, bear in your mind that in some cases this could mean a lot worse than being stuck on the side of the road for some time.

engineThe first step to keeping your engine up and running appropriately are proper oil changes. You have to pick an oil brand which is high quality and you need to stick with it every time. So, do not try to save money with some cheap and less expensive kind. You may be able to change the oil by yourself or you can have your oil changed professionally. You could save money by doing it yourself, in many cases. But, it can be such a small amount that a lot of people do not find it worth it to do it by themselves. Remember that doing it yourself could sometimes void warranties on an engine.

You should also change your oil filter when you change your oil. A good oil filter will make a lot of difference to the engine. Occasionally the producer of an engine will advise you to use their brand oil filter more than competitors. And you may have to do it if the engine is under warranty. If it is not, you should ask what the differences are. There may or may not be any important difference.

Also, some engines (many motorcycle engines) are air cooled. That means that the wind is what keeps the motor from overheating. A lot of engines have a meansengine other than the wind to keep the engine cool. The thing is that you should always ensure that you have the correct amount of water and coolant in your engine. This is particularly important to check when it is hot, or if the weather has just changed. Remember that overheating engine can damage it, so it is very important to take care of that.

There are a lot of other things that should be done occasionally to make sure that more usage from your motor in addition to adding coolant to your engine and oil changes. This includes washing out the old coolant and to add the new one. Also, it could mean you need to change your spark plugs for new ones. And the most important thing is that – you need to ensure that parts are still good before they become bad.

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